World Health Organization (W.H.O)

World Health Organization

For the World Health Organisation, we coordinated the event “Lives in The Balance”, a High-Level Meeting (HLM) in order to mobilise new commitment matched with action for improving Maternal, Newborn and Child health among countries, international agencies, development partners and other stakeholders. Organised with the Government of India, for Partnership for Safe Motherhood and Newborn Health (PSMNH), Geneva & the Healthy Newborn Partnership and the newly established Child Survival Partnership.

Aakaar Consulting, besides playing the role of networking with government also enabled the International event management of conference secretariat by arranging comfort travel (ETA/ETD) and stay for all global participants, security at the airport and management of travel permissions at international airports, negotiating best rates at hotels, conference halls and other arrangements, leisure travel for participants to see the best of India (in accordance with the time schedule), sourcing suppliers for required products in a limited time and at the best negotiable costs for quality products – all to be done much before the set timeline!

The World Health Organization graciously acknowledged our good work and gave us a Letter of Appreciation.

WHO - Letter of Appreciation

WHO – Letter of Appreciation

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