CBA (Commonwealth Broadcasting Association), London

Commonwealth Broadcasting Association

Aakaar Consulting was responsible for coordination of CBA General Conference with the theme “Making a Difference in a Multi-Platform World” 2006 held at New Delhi. It was one of the key broadcasting events of the year and an important forum for chief and senior executives of broadcasting organisations in the Commonwealth. Anu Radha’s job involved coordination of the event which included lobbying & sponsorship in partnership with Prasar Bhartii, Govt. of India. Since the conference is also an opportunity to showcase the work of broadcasting organisations and exhibit broadcast technology, my responsibility lay in the technical coordination of production and lobbying with senior government leaders, for participation and smooth progress of work.

International media client – an event in India with participants traveling from across the globe; MoU with the National Indian broadcaster as partners and hosts – timeline of 2 months! Aakaar Consulting was hired to network with the Indian partner (the Government) for processing and expediting work to meet deadlines. We strategized a plan of action by developing perfect relations (to be read as PR!) with each of the government personnel working on the project – making them “family”! Got the job done for our international client with all the approvals and maintaining the quality as required, keeping in mind the buy-in of the Indian Government partners – who were more than happy and willing!

Amidst all of the above Aakaar Consulting was asked by an International media participant to arrange and manage a Press Conference, as their senior executive was to be at the location in 3 days! Aakaar Consulting said, “Yes, it will be done” – the only answer we like to give to our precious clients!

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